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Mrs Cinzia Giammarchi

Member since: 04/07/2020 - 07:26
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older people and public health
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EU project manager
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Project and proposal Manager, currently at INRCA, previously at Marche Region. Coordinator and facilitator of relations between the participants of EU projects in Italy and other European players. Organization of specific activities related to the implementation and operational management of the project and of all the activities necessary to support the achievement of project objectives. Operational support to research and point of reference for the institution and for others involved in the project at local and national level. Facilitator to resolve difficult and complex situations. Responsible for the creation and presentation of reports to the participants and the project leader; attending meetings, nationally and abroad. Responsible for translations (English-Italian, Italian-English) concerning the projects. Interpreter according to need. Creation and presentation of reports to be submitted to the coordinating partner and/or the European Commission. Presentation of the project activities at conferences or workshops. Coordinator for writing new project proposals with ARS-Regione Marche involved both as partner and coordinator.

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