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Mr Monday ADIAHA

Member since: 12/12/2019 - 17:16
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Soil Physics& Hydrology
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Nigeria Institute of Soil Science
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Government/Public Services

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M. S. Adiaha is a scholar, a researcher and a scientist. The author has published widely in the field of Agriculture. His research interest ranges from Soil and Crop Science, Agricultural Product Processing/storage, Soil Fertility, Soil and Crop Biotechnology, Soil-water Management, Fertilizer Handling & Usage, Biodiversity & Conservation, Biophysics, Environmental Sciences & Ecology including Remote Sensing. The great African Experimental and Theoretical Scientist has published widely in Science and beyond. Adiaha holds many Honor and Awards. Notable Invitation for Recognition: (1) In 2020 he was a Speaker at the Joint Abdul Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics-International Atomic Energy Agency (ICTP-IAEA), International School on Radioactive Waste Cementation (2) In September 2021 he was an Invited Lecturer at the Asian and African Countries conference, hosted by the River Water User Association (India)-IRDRA and the International River Basin Foundation and Partner Organizations (3) He was an invited Speaker at the 2020 World Soil Day Experts Dialogue in Abuja, Nigeria hosted by NISS (4) Adiaha was one of the key Speaker/Presenter at the African Physical Society (AfPS) International Conference (smr 3476) held at ICTP Selected Learned Academic/Professional Society Membership: SSSN, IUSS, ASN, ICID (Af-YWPeF, IYPeF), RDA

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