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Prof Antonio Corradi

Member since: 10/07/2013 - 16:37
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Distributed Systems and Infrastructures
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University of Bologna
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Antonio Corradi is a full professor of Computer Networks within the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering & System Science (DEIS) and within the Faculty of Engineering within the University of Bologna, since 1984. He also achieved the Master of Engineering from Cornell University in 1981. He teaches in basic and advanced courses in the area of Computer and Distributed Systems and in Engineering of large Distributed Infrastructures, Cloud and Parallel Systems, and also in several masters and Ph.D. programs. He is also deeply engaged in several International and national activities: from EU projects to other International efforts, from Italian projects to local area activities, especially devoted to dissemination of technical topics to local industries, with involvement of many Italian industries and international ones: Nokia, Ducati, Cedac, DIANOEMA, HP, Webegg, Jakala, OTConsulting, ENAV, Sicta, Chloride. He also works as a reviewer for several magazines and for conferences within his scientific interests and has contributed to many international and national magazines and conferences with technical papers (more than 300). In addition, he is and has been part of the organization of several conferences. He is member of IEEE, ACM, AICA.

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