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Dr Lars Eklund

Member since: 04/12/2019 - 10:03
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Sensetive Data/Theoretical chemistry
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Applications Expert
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SND Swedish National Data Service/UPPMAX Uppsala University
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I work with researcher support in personal sensitve data and HPC questions and other research support that I can supply with my expertise. Such as Software Architecture, quality control, theoretical chemistry,inorganic biochemistry and more. I got here because I was a software developer during the internet bubble and deiced to relax by studying biology so I ended up with a PhD in Theoretical inorganic physical chemistry, merging Theoretical and experimental chemistry. After working in QC in a a pharmaceutical company where I contributed with Statistical sample analysis, requirements documentation and spectroscopy and chromatography expertise, I ended up as research support, known a Application Expert on a HPC cluster in Sweden and as a domain specialist on sensitive data.

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