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Member since: 10/25/2018 - 06:50
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Research Data Specialist
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University of Cape Town
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Cape Town
South Africa

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I'm currently working at the University of Cape Town's eResearch Centre, where we promote and support the use of advanced information technologies to enable better, faster and higher-impact research. Digital Curation, and the interface between cultural heritage and the digital realm - encompasses so much of what I am inspired by. My own research focused on digital cultural heritage in the context of African museums and the digital transformation of cultural heritage, and my interests in art, cultural heritage, archiving, digitisation, Open Access and the digital humanities have all collided in this field. I am an active member of the Carpentries, where I am an instructor, and on the Library Carpentry Advisory Committee. I am also a founding member of the Network for Digital Humanities in Africa, and as a collaborative network, we hope to expand the practice and scholarship of digital humanities on the African continent.

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