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Dr Angela Bernardo

Member since: 10/01/2018 - 14:01
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Religious Studies
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Project Manager
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Sapienza University of Rome
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Angela Bernardo has a degree in Political Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome, a PhD in European History and is a professional civil mediator. Since 2014 she is a research fellow in History of Religions at Dept. of History, Cultures, Religions of the Sapienza University, where she deals with religions and public space in Europe, specifically with respect to the analysis of theoretical models, practices and policies in the field of religious pluralism. The latest book she has edited, with Alessandro Saggioro, is the 2015 volume ‘The Principles of Toledo and the Religions at School’. Since 2012-2013 she has coordinated the paths of higher education and placement/internship services of the Master in Digital Heritage, Cultural Communication Through Digital Technologies and of the Master in Religion and Cultural Mediation of the Sapienza University of Rome, of whose scientific board she is a member. She teaches Cultural and Religious Mediation. Since 2017 she has also been the project manager of the 2015 ERC project 'PAThs' (PI: Paola Buzi):

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