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Mr Patrick Cocquet

Professional Title: CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive

Primary domain: Digital / Innovation

Organization name: Cap Digital

Organization type: Other (please specify) - obligatory

City / Country: Paris - France

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Dr. Patrick Cocquet is the chief executive officer of Cap Digital cluster, a structure that gathers more than 650 innovative companies and more than 50 research and education organisms, working in digital economy fields. Among its various communities, the one working on data (big data, open data, data visualization) is one of the more active and innovative one. Holder of a qualification from a French engineering high school in 1979, he started his carrier in a large group, where he led international standardization and development of products range actions for embedded networks and then for internet networks. In 2000, he founded a startup, a company dedicated to software for internet network equipment. He started and organized Cap Digital in 2006, making it the first digital cluster in France and Europe.

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TAB Liaison: Francoise Genova, Paul Uhlir