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Mrs Doina Cristina Duma

Member since: 08/08/2018 - 20:20
Professional title: 
IT Specialist/IT Architect
Primary Domain/Field of Expertise (Other): 
Nuclear Physics/Computer and Information Sciences
Other (professional title): 
Distributed Systems Manager
Organization name: 
National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Italy
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Doina Cristina Duma (Female) is the leader of the Distributed Systems group at the INFN National Center (CNAF), providing the core operational support for the INFN-wide Grid infrastructure and for the CNAF Cloud infrastructure. The task of her group is also to investigate how to evolve the existing infrastructures to pursue increased resource efficiency in view of the progress in the underlying technologies. She has a long experience in managing distributed e-infrastructures, being involved since 2003 in major European projects such as DataGrid, EGEE (I, II, III), EGI-Inspire and EGI-Engage. At national level she worked for the Italian Grid Infrastructure (IGI) and for the Open City Platform (OCP) project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research in the “Cloud computing technologies” section, where she chairs the IaaS area. She worked for several bioinformatics projects (BioinfoGRID, LIBI) gaining experience in supporting users from different scientific communities. She was also the Release Manager of the EMI (European Middleware Initiative) project and Deputy of the Software Maintenance and Support Work Package leader, having as main responsibilities to manage all release activities, including release planning, building, deploying, reporting, establishing and maintaining the overall release timeline and milestones. She was the leader of the WP3.2 – “Software Maintenance and Release” of the INDIGO- DataCloud European project, addressing the challenge of developing open source software, deployable in the form of a data/computing platform, aimed to scientific communities and designed to be deployed on public or private Clouds, and integrated with existing resources or e-infrastructures. She is now the leader of the WP3 - "Software Lifecycle Management, Pilot Infrastructures & Exploitation" of the eXtreme Datacloud project, leader of the WP3.2 - "Software quality assurance, release, maintenance and support" of the DEEP-HybridDataCloud project and also the coordinator of the Task 6.3 "interoperability pilots (service implementation, integration, validation, provisioning for Science Demonstrators) of the EOSCpilot project. The main interest on this group comes from the present involvement in the EOSC-hub project, in the Technical Coordination Workpackage - WP10, the T10.1 task - "Technical roadmap". The EOSC-hub project creates the integration and management system of the future European Open Science Cloud that delivers a catalogue of services, software and data from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and major research e-infrastructures. This integration and management system (the Hub) builds on mature processes, policies and tools from the leading European federated e-Infrastructures to cover the whole life-cycle of services, from planning to delivery.

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