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Dr brett johnson

Professional Title: Advisor/Consultant
Other: chief integrator

Primary domain: life sciences/ health care data management

Organization name: one million solutions in health

Organization type: Other (please specify) - obligatory

City / Country: - United States

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A dedicated leader in promoting faster cures and increased patient adherence, Dr. Johnson provides a foundation for applied research and management skills to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate health care and life science technology for use in strategic planning, policy formation and business development in personalized medicine. Currently, he directs the integration of commercial biomarker data into treatment options and clinical trial needs securing meaningful use in the evolving Health IT landscape. Additionally, he serves as a consulting analyst to venture development and policy-making leaders, providing advanced Biochemistry/Oncology skills with significant expertise communicating molecular mechanisms and pathways to varied stakeholders. Dr. Johnson’s expertise in healthcare technology was initially fostered at Thomas Jefferson University’s Allied Health Science Program. Subsequently, he completed his dissertation and postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School, respectively. Studies in epigenetic modifications and implications for molecular therapeutics were extended while at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research.

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