Hristo Nikolov

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Mr Hristo Nikolov

Professional Title: Researcher

Primary domain: Hyperspectral data processing and land processes modelling

Organization name: Space research and technology institute - BAS

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Sofia - Bulgaria

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Obtained mater degree from University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” (UMG), Sofia, Bulgaria. Work at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1990 as junior researcher and since 2002 as tenured researcher. Application of kernel methods in machine learning used for classification of LU/LC at regional or district scale focused on mining industry impact on environment. Based on historical and modern open data ie. Landsat/Sentinal-2 with emphasis on inclusion of in-situ data for validation. Development of mobile in-situ acquisition complex for environmental data. Cross-validation of TOA and field measurements for building/adding spectral libraries. Data processing and modelling done by FOSS ( i.e. QIS,, SNAP) or web-based tools (ESA TEPs'). Recently working on integration of SAR data with optical ones for soil/hydrology investigations.

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