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A professional with MBA on strategic palnning and line of research on micro, small and médium size enterprises in the hospitality field. Over 25+ years of dynamic experience with Multinational companies in sections of the hospitality sector particularly in areas of Rooms, F&B, Finance, Marketing Plans, Budgeting, People Management as well as structuring Uniform System of Accounts  Motivational leader, persuader and lobbyer showcasing strong interpersonal skills while contributing to ‘best business solutions’, as per company and corporate governance procedures.  Experienced in developing and implementing installation team organization using company and as well contracted personnel to ensure smooth operations, conducting trainings, managing development of projects, daily operations of projects undertaken considering the strategies, vision and mission of the property.  A capable team leader with focus on achieving strategic organizational objectives through a team centric approach  An “ideas person” that challenges traditional ways of conducting business and is willing to take on calculated risks, recognized as a dynamic and innovative individual with focus on directing the total marketing functions.  Have good business sense and financial planning, marketing skills, strategy development and implementation.  An enterprising leader with abilities in leading multi-skilled motivated teams to achieving organizational goals and industry best practices.  Daily involve in problem solving, research and development, and business management, strong analytical skills.  Achieved service delivery excellence by streamlining, simplifying & improving the respective processes, leveraging best practices and enhancing architecture and delivery organization. AREAS

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