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Ms Penny Labropoulou

Member since: 12/11/2017 - 10:18
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Language Resources Metadata
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Athena RC/Institute for Language and Speech Processing
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She is a Principal Applications Researcher at the "Athena" R.C. /Institute for Language and Speech Processing, working mainly in the areas of: • metadata schemas (modeling and implementation in XSD and RDF) for the documentation of language resources • infrastructures for sharing and exploiting language resources and language technologies, • licensing issues and legal metadata for language resources, • computational lexicography and lexicology (design and implementation of monolingual and multilingual computational lexica), • lexicography for human users (design and construction of pedagogical dictionaries) • corpus related activities (corpus design and linguistic annotation as well as corpus-based research), • computational terminology (automatic term extraction, construction of mono- and multilingual terminological thesauri for human users and computational systems), • metadata standards for cultural resources (specifications for the documentation of and dissemination of multimedia cultural resources, exploitation of Language Technology for the acquisition, representation, and retrieval of cultural material).

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