Marta Cywińska

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Dr Marta Cywińska

Professional Title: Researcher
Other: Journalist

Primary domain: Humanities

Organization name: The Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Warsaw - Poland

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Marta Cywińska, b. 1968, doctor of humanities, poet, columnist, journalist, literary critic, translator of French literature and contemporary Italian poetry, academic teacher, social activist. Her scientific interests focus on literary comparative anthropology of culture, modern French and Romanian philosophy, neo-spiritualism, literature relations with depth psychology, European culture symbols, literary history of literature and border and interwar customs, history of patriotic education, rhetoric, French literature And Francophone twentieth century, translatology, history of education, tanatology, teacher-student relationships and the mechanisms and effects of gender ideology. She has in her works 100 scientific articles in Polish national magazines, in peer-reviewed publications (also in French) and over 300 popular publications (including folk music and customs of the interwar period).

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