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Neuroscience & Nutrition
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Iowa State University
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United States

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My name is Joe Webb I am a graduate student at Iowa State University with a background in biochemistry, genetics and software engineering who studies Alzheimer’s disease using bioinformatic techniques. I currently collaborate with multiple labs across the US and Europe serving as a biostatistician who administers, processes, and analyses neuroimaging data in conjunction with collecting, processing and analyzing genomic Illumina bead chip array data. My work is centered on the discovery of genetic targets to push forward the translational research and ultimately develop novel gene-based therapeutics. Using Neuroinformatics approaches, I work with big data across multiple disciplines including genetics, mas-spec, neuroimaging and clinical data. Outside of the research lab, I volunteer with international organizations including the International Alzheimer’s Association and work in Washington DC advocating for funding to develop big data infrastructures for neuroscience research.

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