Yde de Jong

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Dr Yde de Jong

Professional Title: Advisor/Consultant
Other: Researcher/lecturer

Primary domain: Biodiversity Informatics

Organization name: Natural History Museum Rotterdam

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Rotterdam - Netherlands

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Yde de Jong has an academic background in systematics, evolutionary biology, bio-informatics, epistemology, and marine botany. He was Head of the Department Biodiversity Informatics of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (Naturalis Biodiversity Center), GBIF-ECAT work area chair and EDIT’s task leader on integrating Europe’s taxonomic information infrastructures. Further to this, he is the coordinator of the PESI and Fauna Europaea projects and participates in several biodiversity informatics initiatives on e-Science and e-Taxonomy, like BioVel, ViBRANT, LifeWatch, and TDWG.

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