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Dr Adam Steer

Member since: 01/04/2017 - 03:11
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point cloud data, geospatial data services, 3D mapping, situational awareness
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Chief mischief maker
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Synthesis Technologies Pty Ltd
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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A diverse life! Current research interests focus on data services for point clouds (from any source) using a FOSS stack, and ongoing work using airborne LiDAR to estimate Antarctic sea ice thickness. I also work on development of situational awareness applications using accurate and timely 3D mapping data. Prior to that I worked as a bicycle mechanic while finishing a PhD on sea ice thickness estimation. My PhD, in turn, was based on work I did for the Australian Antarctic division as an airborne survey operator (LiDAR + aerial camera + GPS deployment), and as a field technician. In that life I developed innovative methods to co-register several different datasets, each collected in their own reference frame, on drifting sea ice.

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