The use of Persistent Identifiers in the CESSDA ERIC - RDA 11th Plenary Collocated Event

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20 Mar 2018 UTC

The use of Persistent Identifiers in the CESSDA ERIC - RDA 11th Plenary Collocated Event

20 Mar 2018

Event date: 20 March 2018

Event time: 10:00 - 16:00

Event place: Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Mathematics, Strasse des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin; room MA 142.

Additional Venue information

Event Goal and structure

CESSDA ERIC has adopted its Persistent Identifier Policy in 2017. 
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To enable the CESSDA Service Providers to be compliant with the Policy the CESSDA PID Task Force will provide further support. The aim of the meeting is to collect and discuss use cases that should be included in an extended PID Best Practice Guide. The meeting will start with an introduction of use cases related to the FAIR principles. This will be followed by an open discussion on specific use cases that are relevant for the CESSDA Service Providers' view.

Preliminary Program

10:00 - 12:00 Morning session (Chair: Brigitte Hausstein)

1. Introduction: Overview of the program (Brigitte Hausstein, GESIS, Germany)

2. The CESSDA Persistent Identifier Policy Principles (Kerrin Borschewski, GESIS, Germany)

3. The CESSDA Persistent Identifier Policy Best Practices (Birger Jerlehag, SND, Sweden & René van Horik, DANS, The Netherlands)

4. PID use cases in relation to the FAIR principles: To what extent do the CESSDA PID principles support FAIR principles (Birger Jerlehag, SND, Sweden)

5. How do CESSDA Service Providers deal with PIDs?: Discussion. Engagement with participants of the workshop (Chair: Brigitte Hausstein, GESIS, Germany) 

12:00 - 13:00 Break

For the lunch break we are planning to go to the Sky-Mensa of the TU Berlin ( on your own expense.

13:00 - 16:00 Afternoon session (Chair Kerrin Borschewski)

6. CESSDA Dataverse project and PIDs: Dataverse is a research data management system that is used by serveral CESSDA Service Providers. The way Dataverse supports PIDs is presented. (Vyacheslav Tykhonov, DANS, The Netherlands)

7. da|ra - DOI registration service used by CESSDA Service Providers (Brigitte Hausstein, GESIS, Germany)

8. Reporting on the PITSS Project: The PITSS Project is a RDA collaboration project aiming at assessing the relevance of the Data Type Registry for Social Science Data Archives (it is related to the RDA PID Kernel Working Group) (René van Horik, DANS, The Netherlands)

9. How can the EU funded project FREYA support CESSDA Service Providers? (René van Horik, DANS, The Netherlands)

10. Final discussion (Chair: Brigitte Hausstein, GESIS, Germany)

Target Audience

CESSDA Service Providers ( and anyone interested in the PID topic.

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