Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs - RDA 11th Plenary BoF meeting

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BoF Meeting title:

Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session notes:

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

RDA launched in 2013, and the Outputs of the RDA community are driving changes all over the data landscape. That said, there is much more that can be done to support greater impact from RDA Outputs. In this BoF, we plan to connect community experiences and expertise with ongoing discussions on RDA Outputs. Topics may include standardisation of types of outputs, packaging, promotion, and dissemination of outputs, among others.

This BoF will sit in the context of the following planned suite of activities:

- Online Community feedback exercise before P11:

Phase 1: Online idea generation / survey exercise to collect input from various community representatives 
(e.g. OAB) on what could be done to make RDA Outputs more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

Phase 2: BoF at Plenary 11 to present the survey results and ideas, develop priorities and next steps, and assign responsibilities.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

Draft ideas generation document: (work in progress)

Meeting objectives

Present the survey results and ideas from the community feedback exercise to be held before Plenary 11, develop priorities, identify resources, assign responsibilities, and define next steps towards FAIRer RDA Outputs..

Meeting agenda

- Introduction and brief recap of process so far (10 mins)
- Presentation of survey results and ideas (15 minutes) 
- Discussion of directions and strategies for RDA Outputs
- Development of a work plan:
- Develop priorities
- Identify resources
- Assign responsibilities
- Next steps 

Target audience:

Anyone with experiences adopting RDA Outputs and/or interested in helping make RDA Outputs FAIRer would be welcome. Representation from the OA would be particularly welcome. Please also participate in the ideas generation and survey exercise currently planned for February 2018. 

Group chair serving as contact person: Stefanie Kethers

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

Access Code: 708-547-405

Australia: +61 2 8355 1050
Austria: +43 7 2081 5427
Belgium: +32 28 93 7018
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9353
Denmark: +45 32 72 03 82
Finland: +358 923 17 0568
France: +33 170 950 594
Germany: +49 692 5736 7317
Ireland: +353 15 360 728
Italy: +39 0 230 57 81 42
Netherlands: +31 207 941 377
New Zealand: +64 9 280 6302
Norway: +47 21 93 37 51
Spain: +34 932 75 2004
Sweden: +46 853 527 827
Switzerland: +41 225 4599 78
United Kingdom: +44 330 221 0088

United States: +1 (312) 757-3129

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Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs - RDA 11th Plenary BoF meeting | RDA


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