TAB meets WG/IG chairs

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23 February 2016 1581 reads

Date: 29 February 2016 14:00–17:30

NOTE: This is an invitation-only meeting for TAB members and IG/WG Chairs.

It will be held in Hitotsubashi-hall - Conference Room 202 & 203. Follow the directions at to get to Hitotsubashi Hall.

Discussion points for the meeting

1. Connections between technical/generic groups and disciplinary groups (Françoise Genova)

The Groups which are already working with others or would like to build connections are invited to submit short contributions (4 slides max). The presentations will be followed by a discussion.

2. Outputs (Françoise Genova)

This discussion began at the last meeting with a few presentations and a discussion. We would like this time to build a 'RDA output landscape' as complete as possible.

3. Support for adoption (Andrew Treloar)

An OAB/TAB Task Force was set up to work on the topic and produced a report to be discussed.

4. Draft Chair Guidelines (Mark Parsons)
Mark and Andrew will present a proposal for discussion.
5. Vocabularies (Gary Berg-Cross)

Discussion of how we talk about what we do.

6. Announcement of the next WG/IG meeting (Helen Glaves)

Nottingham, UK, June 8th and 9th.

7. AOB