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The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) provides technical expertise and advice to the Council, assists in development, review and promotion of RDA Working & Interest Groups, and responsible for development, maintenance and evolution of the RDA Technical Roadmap.

RDA holds annual elections for the TAB memebership. The following candidates are up for the upcoming election to be opened on September 15th, day 1 of the 8th RDA Plenary meeting. 

Candidates in the list below have been clustered based on the geographical region. Considering the TAB balance criteria and the current membership of the TAB, a maximum of 2 candidates from the Europe and Africa region, 2 candidates from the Americas, and 3 from the Asia and Oceania can be elected in this election. The other balance criteria of discipline and role do not come into play in this election.

For more information on the process and balancing criteria visit–-explanation-process-and-balancing-criteria

Region: Americas

Dr. Karl Benedict

Organization Name

University of New Mexico, College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

Professional Title



Dr. Benedict’s combined multi-disciplinary work experience and professional service has provided him with a broad understanding of and experience with research data management, analysis, documentation, sharing and preservation - all of which he would bring into service on the Research Data Alliance’s Technical Advisory Board. From a disciplinary perspective he has extensive experience in the Earth science data and information community, personal research experience in the social sciences (archaeology and economics) and engineering (collaboration in civil engineering projects), and experience supporting researchers in research data management planning, analysis, visualization, sharing and preservation across all UNM disciplinary areas. His work and service experience has been developed in a variety of organizational contexts - ranging from federal and state level governmental agencies, the private sector as both a consultant and as an employee of consulting firms, and within UNM in both an applied research center and in a more traditional academic appointment. Dr. Benedict looks forward to bringing this diverse experience and enthusiasm to advancing the RDA vision of “researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society”. More


Country: United States Region: Americas Discipline: Natural sciences Role: Data Manager


Mr. Paul Uhlir

Organization Name

National Academy of Sciences

Professional Title



Paul F. Uhlir, J.D., is a Scholar at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in Washington, DC, and a consultant in the area of international data policy and management. He is immediate past Director of the Board on Research Data and Information, and of the US CODATA, both at the NAS, where he worked for over 3 decades. Paul has university degrees in world history, foreign relations, and law. He has focused on research data issues for the past 25 years, has published and spoken extensively and internationally about them, and has won two awards (NAS and CODATA) for his work in this area. He also has consulted to many governments; international organizations such as OECD, GBIF, GEO, UNESCO, IAP, ICSU, and CODATA; universities; and companies. Additional information about his professional career is available at: Paul is interested in the RDA TAB to help improve management of RDA’s activities, expand membership to other sectors, and coordinate with relevant data-related organizations. He is co-chair of the RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability IG, a member of the US RDA Advisory Board, and has attended all the RDA Conferences.

Country: United States Region: Americas Discipline: Social sciences Role: Data Policy Maker


Region: Asia and Oceania


Prof. Devika Madalli

Organization Name

Indian Statistical Institute

Professional Title



As part of the TAB, Devika will 

  • Work towards data management, policies and infrastructure to ensure equitable access to data from the perspective of developing nations
  • Build Synergies between and among RDA Interest and working groups with shared and/or complementary interests
  • Work towards Gender Sensitization and inclusiveness in all workflows and at all levels within RDA and its outreach programs
  • Work towards advocacy, liaison and sustenance of RDA 
  • Work towards building capacities by forging effective collaborations among the members and member institutions of RDA and other renowned institutions and initiatives


Country: India  Region: Asia and Australasia Discipline: Social Sciences Role: Other


Region: Europe and Africa


Mrs. Helen Glaves

Organization Name

British Geological Survey

Professional Title

Programme Manager/Project Manager


The RDA is evolving from a grassroots organisation to one that is respected across a range of different organisations and fields of expertise that includes data managers, scientists and policy makers. As such the RDA Technical Advisory Board needs to consist of people who are embedded in their own communities whilst also having a wider understanding of the issues being addressed by the RDA with regard to the promotion of wider sharing of data across many different domains and applications. 
As an active member of the RDA from its inception I have supported this mission to promote data sharing for a diverse range of users across many disciplines and who have increasingly innovative and complex requirements. I am currently co-chair of the Marine Data Harmonisation, Active Data Management Plans and Virtual Research Environments interest groups and am also a member of a number of the other interest groups and working groups connected to my areas of interest and expertise. To further support, promote and understand the activities of the RDA I have also regularly participated in the IG/WG Chairs meetings and co-hosted the recent 5th RDA IG/WG Collaboration Meeting in Nottingham, UK.  More


Country: United Kingdom Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Natural SciencesNote1 Role: Data Manager

Dr. Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn

Organization Name

Technische Universität Dresden, Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing

Professional Title

IT Specialist/IT Architect


I am heading the department „Data intensive and Distributed Computing“ at the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) at the Technical University Dresden (Germany). We are serving scientists with IT services necessary to accomplish and to enhance their domain research. Thus, IT research is as well an essential part of our mission.
After finishing my PhD in particle physics I joined ZIH in 2002. I quickly ran into data related research - jointly done with domain scientists - in topics like data and meta data management. As department head I manage both research projects and operational services and infrastructure related the to the full data life cycle. At the first plenary in Gothenburg I joined RDA. Currently, I'm co-chairing the Repository Platforms for Research Data IG.
Contribution to TAB: RDA is the place where scientists from almost all domains not only talk about a topic that is at their hearts - data -, but also work together on all aspects of this topic. The TAB provides the technical guidance for this. With my organizational experiences and technical expertise I want to accompany RDA on its way to become a sustainable organization based on continuous support and input from the global research community. I believe that my cross-disciplinary knowledge due to many years of cooperation with various scientific domains can also be of value to the TAB when coordinating and supporting the activities of the many WG/IG.


Country: Germany Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Engineering and technology Role: Data Tecnologist

Mr. Mervyn O'Luing

Organization Name

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Professional Title



I am a part-time PhD student in Data Science & Analytics , based in Insight (UCC), Ireland. My area of interest is optimising survey design by targeting the optimal allocation within a specified variance using machine learning techniques such genetic algorithms. I was one of the early career researchers selected to attend the 7th plenary in Tokyo. I was privileged, honoured and grateful for that opportunity and now I would like to give something back to the RDA by working with the Technical Advisory Board. As an early career researcher I would like to broaden my experience especially with the high level range of social/education, technical and policy related knowledge that being on the TAB would develop. My relevant experience to date includes being secretary to my local Toastmasters club, being on a UNECE task force on the value of official statistics – so I have some idea of after hours work and conference calls. Also I am on a partnership committee and a union committee in my job. These involve meetings and tasks that are additional to my current workloads. I would be thrilled if I got the opportunity to work with the TAB.


Country: Ireland Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Natural sciences Role: Data User


Prof. Giacomo Pongiglione

Organization Name

Self employed

Professional Title



Head of Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery for the last 15 years in Genoa and then in Rome, Italy. 
Clinical Coordinator of EU funded projects Health-e-Child, Sim-e-Child, MD Paedigree. 
Responsible of Validation of Cardioproof project.


Country: Italy Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Medical and Health Sciences Role: Data User


Dr. Rainer Stotzka

Organization Name

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Professional Title



Dr. Rainer Stotzka studied technical cybernetics in Stuttgart and received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Mannheim, Germany, in 1995. At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Data Processing and Electronics, he leads the department for “Software Methods” and a software development group for “Big Data”. Within the Helmholtz activity “Large Scale Data Management and Analysis” he is responsible for the “Data Life Cycle Lab Key Technologies” inducing novel research data acquisition, processing, and management methods to scientific trials. He is involved in various national and international research projects and initiatives, e.g. DARIAH, Collaborative Research Center "Episteme in Motion", NFFA-Europe, MASi, and RDA. Within the last years he and his research group published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.
RDA related acivities:WG Practical Policy (2012-2015) | Member of the Technical Advisory Board since 2013 | Council sub-committee "Operation and Coordination" | Co-organization of the Breakout Sessions RDA Plenaries 3-8 | Co-organization of the RDA WG/IG Collaboration Meetings | RDA Germany


Country: Germany Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Engineering and technology Role: Data Generator


Dr. Tobias Weigel

Organization Name

German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ)

Professional Title

IT Specialist/Researcher


To TAB, I will bring more than four years of active RDA working group experience and the practical background of a community-specific data and computing center. I perceive RDA's unique value in taking promising ideas from the larger academic community to a stage where they can be tried out and evaluated in practice. In particular those themes that cut across disciplinary boundaries are at the heart of the RDA mission. As a software architect, I recognize the need to avoid costly reinvention in view of the limited time and budgets available, which makes collaboration a worthwhile effort. As an academic, I encourage the principle to never stop questioning seemingly established practices, to experiment with unconventional approaches and to build unifying bridges between seemingly opposite positions. RDA stands for me as a place where the amalgamation of both approaches can produce innovative results available for all who deal with research data challenges. I see TAB as an essential element in fostering these innovation efforts by shepherding the groups of RDA to achieve relevant and feasible outcomes.


Country: Germany Region: Europe and Africa Discipline: Natural sciences Role: Data User

Note1: Helen Glaves' discipline was wrongly listed as "Social Sciences" on this page. This has been corrected in October 2017.