Site oriented research - P6 BOF session

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16 July 2015 1562 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 9 - 14:00

We want to address the site oriented researchers, who autonomously run a site, where they investigate a bundle of scientific topics, and are loosely organized in one or more networks in order to share and exchange knowledge, best practices, metadata and data.

They have a lot of similar issues, as e.g. :

  • heterogeneity of monitoring and/ or experimental methods,
  • heterogeneity of data management and data structure
  • heterogeneity of semantics,
  • heterogeneity of data policy and/or rather restrictive data policy

Those issues impose subsequent issues when it is about metadata and data sharing.

The BoF could help to:

  • identify common needs and goals for data sharing and data reuse
  • identify common issues and describe them
  • identify good practices to solve those common issues
  • exchange knowledge about IT architectures and software, that can or could solve the identified issues

BoF session at the RDA P6 meeting in Paris as a kick - off:

chairs: Herbert Schentz

Co-chairs have to be found at the P6 meeting in Paris


* round of introduction

* brainstorming on challenges, issues, possible solutions

* common structuring of brainstorming results

* decissions on future actions (online meetings, interest group, .... ) (chair would have to be found!)

Contact Person: Herbert Schentz