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17 May 2017

OGC Hydro Domain Working Group 8th workshop in June 2017

Dear all

The OGC Hydro Domain Working Group (HydroDWG) is having its 8th workshop in Tuscaloosa (National Water Center, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA) early June this year.

We will discuss several topics of high interest to that IG.
The link to the draft agenda and logistics information is here:

IG Biodiversity Data Integration RDA 8th Plenary meeting

29 May 2016 1879 reads

Meeting title

Developing a Global Research Infrastructure framework for bio-collections

Rationale of the session

22 Sep 2015

Slides on Position Paper for Data Fabric IG Interoperability, Infrastructures and Virtuality 

The attached are our (Gary Berg-Cross, Keith Jeffery, Reagan Moore) draft slides for a discussion of our position paper being presented at the first DF IG session tormorrow moring per the Agena.

The paper was previously posted to the group in June and briefly discussed.