Fostering synergies and collaborations between the Belmont Forum and RDA: Science-driven e-Infrastructure innovation for enabling transnational data use and management in transdisciplinary environmental change research - RDA 11th Plenary BoF meeting

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01 January 2018 1504 reads

BoF Meeting title

Fostering synergies and collaborations between the Belmont Forum and RDA: Science-driven e-Infrastructure innovation for enabling transnational data use and management in transdisciplinary environmental change research (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session notes:

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

The Belmont Forum is an international partnership of 25 national science-funding agencies and science councils, and has demonstrated it is possible to dramatically increase the impact of environmental change research and data it produces through transnational cooperation among science agencies in order to accelerate science discoveries and socioeconomic innovation. The Belmont Forum is uniquely positioned to promote systems, methods, and tools for international sharing of research products and data stewardship through collaboration opportunities across disciplines and coordination between science-funding agencies.

The Belmont Forum adopted in 2015 an official policy of open data focussing on data discovery, open access, sharing, reusability and interoperability aligned with the FAIR principles, and in 2017 a Data Skills Curricula Framework to accelerate international convergence on multi-source data access and analysis systems for research funded by its member agencies and to enhance information management skills in data-intensive environmental science.

Under the guidance of the Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures & Data Management (e-I&DM) Project, three internationally integrated Action Themes (data policy and management; data-use e-infrastructures; training and education) are collaboratively developing, through multi-agency coordination, a large-scale awareness of global data policy, practices, and standards to accelerate the full path of data-use in environmental change research. These activities are being undertaken in collaboration with international data sharing organizations, including RDA, WDS, CODATA, Future Earth, GEO and others, with the goal of developing globally organized e-infrastructures drawing from existing components, protocols, and standards.

In synergy with the e-I&DM initiative, the Belmont Forum is launching in Spring 2018 a four-year Coordinated Research Action (CRA) on Science-driven e-Infrastructure Innovation (SEI) for the enhancement of transnational data use in interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary environmental change research. This science-driven initiative, intimately linking research thinking and technological innovation, will address methodological, technological and procedural barriers currently facing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary environmental change research working with large, complex and multi-source transnational data. The aim is to deliver translatable pilots and demonstrators for accelerating the full-path of data use, through internationally federated data integration and analysis systems, which will benefit the broader scientific community and pave the way for open science research practices. This will be implemented through regular workshops that will catalyse funded research projects efficiently with best practices, shared methods and their software implementation, bringing together environmental scientists, data scientists, computer scientists and cyber-infrastructure developers and providers.

The goal of this session is to: 1) provide the RDA community with information on the Belmont e-I&DM and SEI activities and objectives; and 2) identify synergies and implement/deepen collaborations with existing RDA groups and activities.

Close collaboration between RDA and the Belmont Forum can establish research-driven recommendations to the Belmont Forum funding agencies and other organizations for international foundations of federated data integration and analysis systems with shared services, convene the best practices in public and private sectors, foster open data and open science stewardship among and across science communities, including in related areas such as publishing, as well as encouraging data and cloud providers and others to adopt common standards and practices for the benefit of all.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

The Belmont Forum ( is a partnership of funding organisations, international science councils, and regional consortia committed to the advancement of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science. Belmont Forum operations are driven by the Belmont Research Challenges and by providing knowledge for understanding, mitigating and adapting to global environmental change.

Information on the e-Infrastructures & Data Management Project can be found under the link (, including the three Action Themes: data policy and management, data-driven e-Infrastructures, capacity building, training and education.

Information on the Belmont Forum Data Skills Framework can be found under this link (

Information on the SEI CRA can be found under this link (

Meeting objectives

1/ Present the e-I&DM and SEI Belmont Forum activities in relation with RDA

2/ Identify synergies and foster collaborations between these Belmont Forum activities and existing RDA groups

Meeting agenda

Introduction to the Belmont Forum activities:

  • Presentation of the e-Infrastructures & Data Management Project activities and objectives
  • Presentation of the SEI CRA objectives and steering activities in connection to RDA groups. This will be illustrated by science-driven application examples. 
  • Potential presentation of RDA groups in relation with the Belmont Forum activities (to be yet identified)

General group discussion:

Identify synergies between RDA and the Belmont Forum e-I&DM and SEI activities, and next steps to foster implementation of active collaborations between BF and RDA.

Target audience:

This meeting is aimed at RDA member and RDA group representatives potentially interested in the Belmont Forum e-I&DM and SEI activities.

Group chair serving as contact person: Jean-Pierre Vilotte

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

Access Code: 954-242-053

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