Research Data Management Literacy RDA 8th Plenary BoF meeting

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30 May 2016 2838 reads

Meeting title: BoF on Research Data Management Literacy

Please give a short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

The Research Data Management literacy is considered the minimum required competences and skills to effectively manage organisational and individual research data

The BoF topic was proposed at the last IG-ETHRD meeting RDA Plenary 7 to respond to research community interest in providing necessary training to obtain minimum necessary knowledge how to manage research data produced in research projects and individual research. 

The BoF and expected follow on activity will rely on the contribution from the existing training activities on Research Data Management (RDM) and availability of training and educational materials on RDM. The potential WG will also work with existing WG and IG to convert their output into training materials that can be included into basic courses.

Please provide additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. Case statements, working documents etc

A broad collection of educational opportunities in the area of RDM by Amy Nurnberger:
Newly proposed clearinghouse that will be consuming this material:

EDISON Inventory of Data Science university programs list

Data Science Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK). EDISON draft V0.1, 20 March 2016 [online]

Please list the meeting objectives

1) Gather individuals interested in defining reference/model RDM training curriculum that cover all basic knowledge required for effective RDM by individuals and organisations

2) Identify key actions to achieve the following:
- create community agreed reference RDM curricula that can be customised for specific scientific domains and localised to country's local research infrastructure;
- create a set of reference templates and materials that can used by educators and trainers to create their customisable courses on RDM
- potentially create a network volunteer trainers that would be able to respond quickly on the request for RDM training

3) understand community support in creating a new WG on RDM literacy and find volunteers to serve as chairs for a potential WG

Meeting agenda

1. Introduction and BoF goals
2. Overview of existing activities and available resources on RDM 
2.1. Review of existing offerings on RDM training: education curricula overview and gap/coverage analysis 
2.2. Example of best practices (2-3 short presentations on experience of delivering RDM training) 
3. Discussion of the proposed WG statement with focus on the RDM literacy and/or necessary actions to address identified challenges in delivering necessary knowledge/training on RDM basics
4. Conclusion and next steps forward (in case of community support)

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Primary focus of this BoF are educators and trainers who provide or plan training on Research Data Management, however the BoF will look for active contribution from the practical research community and manager who are concerned about effective data management at all stages of the data lifecycle.
No special preparation needed, however the BoF will benefits from practical example and reference to RDM training and educational materials.

Group chair serving as contact person Yuri Demchenko