Research Data Alliance - Organisational Subscription Application

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As an Organisational Subscriber of RDA, you will have the right to and benefit from:
  • Participating in all RDA Organisational Forums.
  • Receiving regular, customised updates on the work of the RDA.
  • Attending Organisational Assembly meetings and voting on proposed policies for consideration by the RDA Council and for members of the Organisational Advisory Board (OAB), with one vote per Organisational Member.  Organisational member views are represented on Council through the OAB co-chairs.
  • Providing advice to the RDA Council through the Organisational Advisory Board
  • Being recognised on the RDA Website and at RDA Meetings as a supporter of data sharing and interoperability
  • Influencing the RDA work and directions on data sharing and interoperability in their sectors, markets and geographies
  • Communicating open job positions in your organisation to whole RDA community (Exclusive to Organisational Members)
  • Early-bird reduced RDA Plenary registration fee for all Organisational Members extended through to the start of the Plenary (Exclusive to Organisational Members)
  • Having the opportunity to act as early adopters of RDA Recommendations and other Outputs
  • Exchanging news, strategies and policies across regions