Research Data Alliance - News Update 21st August 2013

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19 Aug 2013

Research Data Alliance - News Update 21st August 2013


Research Data Alliance 2nd Plenary Programme and speaker line-up - Catch a sneak preview of participants and discussion topics!

Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy  will be opening the Plenary Session I chaired by Farnam Jahanian, NSF Assistant Director for the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate. His keynote will be followed by those of John Wilbanks, Chief Commons Officer, Sage Bionetworks and Carole Palmer, Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS).

The Plenary Session III: Building Global Partnerships - the Perspective of Funders and Affiliate Organizations will be chaired by Chris Greer, NIST Associate Director for Program Implementation and will see the participation of representatives from US, Europe and Australia as well as affiliate organizations

The applicants for the TAB elections will give a presentation of their candidacy during the TAB Plenary Session on the 16th September. Find out who the current nominees are and don't miss the August 30th deadline for submitting your candidature!

Are you representing an international or national data infrastructure initiative at RDA that you would like to promote to the RDA Plenary 2 participants and beyond? The 2nd Plenary Poster Session submissions deadline is August the 31st!  View submission details!

On Tuesday the 17 and Wednesday the 18 - parallel break-out sessions will offer the RDA Working and Interest Groups the opportunity to take forward the work done in these last few months and engage with new potential members - get acquainted with their objectives and the latest developments as this is the first in a series of newsletters dedicated to updates from the RDA WG and IG.

Data Citation: Making Dynamic Data Citable WG Update

19 August 2013 4021 reads

A number of bilateral meetings have been held since the formation of this group at the first RDA plenary to elaborate the requirements for supporting citation in very large and/or dynamic data settings. The topics were also addressed during a joint workshop DPRMA organized by DASPOS, WF4Ever and TiMBUS projects at JCDL in Indianapolis in July, with further bilateral meetings scheduled in Cape Town in August, as well as during the RDA Meeting in Munich in September prior to the RDA plenary.
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MASDIR - Metadata Standards Directory WG Update

19 August 2013 1477 reads

The RDA Council has both recognized and endorsed MASDIR (Metadata Standards Directory WG). MASDIR will focus on the proposed work that we started to define in the October 2012 meeting in Washington DC, and discussed further in Gothenburg, this past spring. Currently the initial charter is being revised and the WG will be well represented at the RDA Second Plenary and at the CAMP-4-DATA event, both taking place in September 2013.
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PID Information Types WG Update

19 August 2013 835 reads

In the PID Information Types WG, we have been gathering use cases for PID usage from various communities, projects, infrastructures and institutions - trying to get a feeling for the expectations and issues that come with broad PID usage. We are currently transforming the responses we got into a set of more technical use case documents, which will be presented and improved in a highly creative session at the 2nd RDA Plenary.
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Practical Policy WG Update

19 August 2013 838 reads

Within the Practical Policy Working Group, multiple testbeds are being developed to support both evaluation of common data management policies and testing of interoperability mechanisms for integrating technologies from other working groups within the Research Data Alliance. The first policy that is being evaluated is automated data set replication, the most widely requested policy for production data centers.
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Agricultural Data Interoperability IG Update

19 August 2013 934 reads

The Agricultural Data Interoperability Group will have a face2face meeting at the 2nd RDA plenary meeting. The IG meeting will look again at the group charter ( and discuss the goals.
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Engagement IG Update

20 August 2013 961 reads

The Engagement Interest Group is a collaborative group that works toward the goals of engaging various stakeholders, including researchers, librarians, data managers and IT developers, in the development and implementation of RDA ideas, requirements, and decisions. With 40 members on its mailing list, the group provides a forum for discussion and implementation of use cases, best practices, outreach and education.
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Metadata IG Update

20 August 2013 978 reads

Redefinition of the Metadata Interest Group
Historically there was a metadata IG which transformed into the Metadata Catalog WG and is now known as MASDIR making it clear that this Working Group is concerned primarily with a directory of metadata 'standards' used in the community. After discussions it is proposed that the (redefined) Metadata IG is wide-ranging and long-standing and acts as an umbrella coordinating over the WGs concerned with metadata.
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Structural Biology IG Update

19 August 2013 691 reads

Structural Biology (SB) is concerned with the determination of the three-dimensional (3D) structures of individual biomacromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids), and with those of complexes and higher order structures formed by association of these individual components. Researchers in SB currently use a wide array of different techniques; the true integration of these diverse data as close as possible to the experimental level is the next challenge of "integrated SB".
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Toxicogenomics Interoperability IG Update

19 August 2013 771 reads

The objective of the Toxicogenomics Interoperability Interest Group is to define opportunities toward enhancing interoperability of existing toxicogenomics databases. To better understand the use of toxicogenomics data, we are conducting a survey on community data needs and limitations. Based on the results of this survey, we will identify an approach to improve toxicogenomics data sharing, access and analysis. The current status will be presented in the poster and break-out session at RDA 2nd plenary in Washington DC.
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