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The RDA community is invited to comment on a variety of documents while they undergo a community review phase as part of their endorsement or recognition by RDA. These documents include:

  • Working Group (WG) Case Statements and Interest Group (IG) Charters that outline the scope and expected outputs of a group at the start of the group’s life.
  • RDA Recommendations, the official, endorsed results of RDA WGs and RDA’s flagship outputs. They are adoptable results, e.g. specific tools, code, best practices, or standards that will promote data sharing and exchange and increase data-driven innovation.
  • RDA Supporting Outputs, useful solutions produced by RDA WGs or IGs.
  • Other documents produced by RDA task forces or other RDA initiatives

Usually, those documents stay open for community review for a month. They are listed in the "RfC box" on the home page.

Below you can find a list of the documents currently under community review.



National PID Strategies IG Charter

The RDA National PID Strategies Working Group (WG) was endorsed by RDA on 10 December 2021 to explore how Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) form part of national policy and research infrastructure implementation frameworks. The Group recognised that there are systemic and network benefits from widespread and consistent PID adoption, and funders, government agencies, and national research communities have created PID consortia or policies (including mandates) in pursuit of these benefits.

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Reproducibility IG Charter

  This interest group seeks to advance and enable reproducibility in research based on or producing datasets that require code. Our goals are to build bridges with the many RDA external efforts addressing reproducibility, doing so in coordination with the other RDA Working and Interest Groups where appropriate. Our efforts may also produce Working Groups that can develop recommendations and solutions.

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GORC IG: Typology and Definitions

The Global Open Research Commons is an Interest Group within the Research Data Alliance. The IG is working to reach a shared understanding of what a “Commons” is in the research data space; what functionality, coverage and characteristics does such an initiative require and how this can be coordinated at a global level. Commons: A global trusted ecosystem that provides seamless access to high quality interoperable research outputs and services. Strapline: Digital research resources for the common good. One of the outputs of the IG is a Typology of the essential elements in a Commons. In developing this typology, the IG identified the need to also provide a set of definitions for each of the typology elements. This document is the formal statement of this typology with the associated definitions.

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