Request for Community Feedback - Draft RDA Code of Conduct

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16 Feb 2018

Request for Community Feedback - Draft RDA Code of Conduct

Dear RDA Members,


RDA values the diversity of our global data community. Our RDA Guiding Principles - in particular openness, consensus, and harmonisation - point to our approach of reaching across barriers to fulfill our mission and build the social and technical bridges to enable data sharing. To support our community through ongoing growth, a small group of RDA members developed a Code of Conduct with the goals of making our shared community norms explicit, and codifying our committment to the safety and comfort of all of our members. While we have attempted to consider our diverse cultural standards and understandings in drafting this document, we know that are things we have undoubtedly overlooked or not considered. This is why we are asking you now, as a member of RDA, to take this opportunity to correct those oversights and expand our understanding. The draft text has undergone iteration after being vetted through different parts of the RDA community, and is now available for your consideration.


All RDA community members are welcome and encouraged to review the draft Code of Conduct prior to expected implmentation at Plenary 11: 


Feedback on this version will be accepted through Friday, 9 March 2018, and we plan to regularly update the document in the future. Comments submitted to this page are welcome, please log in or register with RDA to post here. Feedback can alternately be submitted to to be visible to the Secretariat. Note that the '' email address noted in the document is not yet functional as of 16 Feb 2018. This page will be updated when that email (or another preferred alias) goes live prior to P11.


Thank you for all you do to advance data sharing in collaboration with our global RDA community.



Lynn Yarmey on behalf of the RDA Secretariat