Request for Comment on Draft RDA Output and IP Policy

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15 Jan 2014

Request for Comment on Draft RDA Output and IP Policy

Over the last several months, a Task Force consisting of members of WGs, Council, TAB, and the Secretariat has worked to draft a policy defining the formal outputs of RDA and the associated intellectual property rights around those outputs. An overall goal was to create an environment that facilitates broad adoption and ongoing sustainability of RDA outputs. The Task Force sought the input of Council and all the WG and IG chairs and has developed a policy whereby RDA encourages broad and open sharing but formally endorses or "owns" very little. We seek to avoid conflicts of interest within WGs or with industry and other organizations while enabling members and organizations to reuse RDA outputs in useful ways.
We now seek comment from the full RDA membership and their organizations on the draft policy.
The Task Force actually seeks comment on three documents:
  1. The core policy, which is ultimately approved and maintained by Council.
  2. The Process and Criteria for RDA Recommendations, which define how RDA-endorsed outputs are identified and approved. This document is maintained by the Secretariat.
  3. The RDA norms for attribution and sharing, which provide ethical guidelines for developing and using RDA products in general.
Please comment on any or all of these documents by responding to this post no later than 14 February 2014.
More information on the Task Force and it's membership can be found at the Task Force group page.


  • Catherine Doldirina's picture

    Author: Catherine Doldirina

    Date: 22 Jan, 2014

    I have a licensing-unrelated comment - on the interrelationship of the draft RDA outputs policy and Norms for contributing to and using RDA products: the draft policy states outputs are produced by many various groups, while the Norms document in bullet 3 of the "Contributors to RDA outputs" section mentions that " All work of contributors working in an RDA WG (meeting minutes, discussions, etc.) should be visible to all RDA members." I wonder if the Norms document is written too narrowly, or if the intention is to make only the work within WG public (which I believe should not be the case).

  • Mark Parsons's picture

    Author: Mark Parsons

    Date: 10 Feb, 2014

    Good point, Catherine. The norms should address all work in WGs, IGs, and probably task forces. There are some administrative groups within the RDA web space, including TAB and Council, that may not be fully public—e.g. frank internal discussion during case statement reviews.


  • Leticia Cruz's picture

    Author: Leticia Cruz

    Date: 15 Feb, 2014

    I agree with Ms Dolderina and Mr Parsons comment in the sence that primary focus of DSA has been on digital repositories in the humanities and social science for historical reasons , further in implementing a program to ascertain rigorus data related to  the disipline of physics ;and sharing said data ,a narrower parimeter in regards to stakeholder and Federated Identity privleges should be clearly stated , but I guess this portion of the deliverables will be presented during phase three of the working groups endevors , cant wait to see the outcomes.


      Kind Regards

    Good Work!

    Ms Leticia Cruz RN MSN/Ed

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