Recognised & Endorsed

07 Aug 2017

Sharing Rewards and Credit (SHARC) IG

SHARC is a recognised and endorsed interest group within RDA (Research Data Alliance).  It is an interdisciplinary group seeking to unpack and improve crediting and rewarding mechanisms for open science activities and in particular, for the data/resources sharing process. It aims to provide guidance for researchers and recommendations to all key actors of the academic recognition ecosystem.

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04 Jul 2017

DMP Common Standards WG

Recognised & Endorsed

This group produced a recommendation on machine-actionable DMPs. 

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In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact group chairs. We are always happy to help!

WG Charter

The specific focus of this working group is on developing common data model and specifying access mechanisms that make Data Management Plans (DMPs) machine-actionable

To achieve this vision we will develop a common data model with a core set of elements. Its modular design will allow customisations and extensions using existing standards and vocabularies to follow best practices developed in various research communities. We will provide reference implementations of the data model using popular formats, such as JSON, XML, RDF, etc.  This will enable tools and systems involved in processing research data to read and write information to/from DMPs.


The outputs of this working group will help in making systems interoperable and will allow for automatic exchange, integration, and validation of information provided in DMPs, for example, by checking whether a provided PID links to an existing dataset, if hashes of files match to their provenance traces, or whether a license was specified. The common information models are NOT intended to be prescriptive templates or questionnaires, but to provide re-usable ways of representing machine-actionable information on themes covered by DMPs

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