RDMF21: Data Stewardship in Research Institutions

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12 Jul 2021 UTC

RDMF21: Data Stewardship in Research Institutions

12 Jul 2021 to 13 Jul 2021

2 Half-day Sessions

Upcoming Event: RDMF21: Data Stewardship in Research Institutions

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Registration: https://www.epay.ed.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/information-services/in...

Event Website: https://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/rdmf21-data-stewardship-research-institutions

The DCC has been organising the Research Data Management Forum (RDMF) since 2008. The events have a thematic, topical focus and are intended for exchange of experience and best practice between those responsible for the discovery, delivery and preservation of digital research output. To ensure constructive discussion amongst attendees, attendance at each event is capped.

Our next event, RDMF21, takes place on the afternoon of the 12th and morning of the 13th of July 2021. With the theme of 'Coordinating support for research data stewardship: generic and disciplinary roles', RDMF21 will focus on institutional data stewardship roles, and how national-level communities of practice can help institutions coordinate them. Topics will include:

  • Delivering policy change on RDM, FAIR and open science across the organisation.
  • Providing support, training and consultancy to enable change in research workflows and practices.
  • Liaising between policy stakeholders and data centres, repositories or other research data infrastructures to deliver compliant services.

The programme will feature a mix of keynote talks and presentations from a range of international and UK speakers, as well as interactive breakout discussions.

A full agenda and information on registration can be found at: https://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/rdmf21-data-stewardship-research-institutions.