RDA EU Data Innovation Forum, 30 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium

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RDA EU Data Innovation Forum, 30 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium
30 Jan 2018 UTC

RDA EU Data Innovation Forum, 30 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium

30 Jan 2018

The European Data Economy can flourish only if data is accessible & re-usable across borders, across types of organisations (private, public, research) and across different disciplines and sectors.

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View the RDA Europe Statement on the European Data Economy


European researchers, developers, service providers and private sector representatives are invited to join the discussion on the role of research data in the Data Economy context and the RDA contribution to the different Data Economy building blocks. 

The goal of the event is to collect and converge the different perspectives and push forward new innovative ideas in the overall context of the challenges and opportunities of the European Data Economy and data-driven innovation in Europe mapped to ongoing activities or future challenges to be addressed by RDA WGs & IGs. Furthermore, RDA Europe is looking to define a pragmatic list of data challenges that are discussed on a national level which may influence the digital national agendas or form proposals to be discussed at the next RDA Plenary in Berlin, 21 - 23 March 2018. 

Ultimately the forum will be focused on engaging industry and private sector stakeholders who are involved in scientific research and support the adoption of the RDA Outputs by industry and gathering input from the regional, national activities in Europe – understanding the landscape and defining a way forward for the RDA National nodes. 




09:00 – 10:30

Finding a common ground: Industry, research data and the EU Data Economy

Discussing challenges for research and industry data in the context of the European Data Economy, common ground and points of convergence. 

Moderator: Irina Kupiainen, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. - RDA EU call for action: European Data Economy must focus on interoperability - RDA Europe Statement on the European Data Economy


10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:30

Facilitating data management, sharing & re-use – RDA Technical & social bridges / solutions

The session will be dedicated to presenting RDA cross-sector research and Industry solutions, implementation and use cases, lessons learnt. 

Moderator: Raphael Ritz, Max Planck SocietyData Foundation & Terminology Recommendation & RDA ICT Technical Specifications


12:30 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – 15:30

Opportunities to shape future data research - blockchain and what is it for and what not

Panel to discuss a selection of topics where research and industry meet and how these can be incorporated in the current or future agenda of the RDA WGs & IGs. The panel will particularly focus on the blockchain technology that has got much attraction recently. How does its technology look like, what are its offers looked at from different views and what are its limitations. The views taken are from the typical data processing labs, future IoT data trading scenarios, health applications, education and AI based data analytics.

Moderator: Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck Society: Short Introduction of blockchain and its possible role in IoT data trading


  • Edwin Morley-Fletcher, Lynkeus: Applying blockchain in Health sector 
  • Monique Morrow, Humanized Internet: Providing Self-Verification Capabilities via Blockchain
  • Visa Vallivaara, VTT: Applying blockchain to increase trust in AI

Session organised in collaboration with the NGI Consultation platform

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 16:30

Wrap-up & identify calls to action

The Data Management Engagement AwardMarta Teperek, Technical University Delft

Catalyst for Future Collaborations and Synergies

The forum will bring together multiple organisations involved in data science, data management and other themes such as decentralised data, blockchain and (EU) social values and transparency. Representatives from five of the leading Big Data Value Association public-private partnership (BDVA PPP) projects, AEGIS, BigDataOceanDataBioMyHealthMyData and SPECIAL, will make an active contribution to the event and discussions around data solutions across sectors. The exchange on the already published RDA Recommendations and related ICT technical specifications will be of value to the RDA's efforts, with opportunities to explore possible future collaborations.

Similarly, discussions and outcomes during the forum, particularly on blockchain, the internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will feed into the Next Generation Internet (NGI) consultation platform for future NGI calls. To find out more visit https://consultation.ngi.eu/

Venue: The Hotel Brussels, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000