RDA Regional Engagement - Important Update

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12 Nov 2018

RDA Regional Engagement - Important Update

Dear RDA Community Members,

Since its inception in 2013, the RDA has grown rapidly. As of November 2018, it now has nearly 7500 individual members based in over 137 countries. In light of this growth, the RDA Council concluded in 2017 that the overall strategy needed to be revisited to create a resilient organisation able to deliver on its commitments and satisfy the community and stakeholders. In November 2017, four sub-committees were created, one of which focused on regional engagement.

The first step in determining the relationship between RDA and potential regional members was for Council to draft a white paper. This was consulted on at Plenary 11 in Berlin where a decision was made to convene a small task force of regional representatives to further iterate the proposal. A draft framework that outlines the mutual expectations and benefits between RDA and the Regions was developed. Reviewed by Council in June 2018, an open regional engagement meeting was held at Plenary 12 in Gaborone to begin a period of consultation. The consultation will continue to the end of this year, when the implementation and conversations on Formal Arrangements with Regions will begin.

An coordination group is open to all members of RDA to join in order to access the framework document and keep abreast of the updates, news, webinars and documentation on RDA Regional Engagement. The draft framework document is publicly available and we welcome comments from all RDA stakeholders during a consultation phase that will be opened very soon.

I encourage all of you interested to jointhe group and to watch out for upcoming dates for a series of webinars across the continents to understand more about RDA regional engagement. Any member who has queries about the planned changes should also contact me via enquiries@rd-alliance.org to arrange a one-to-one discussion.

Kind regards

Hilary Hanahoe

Research Data Alliance Secretary General

* To join the RDA Regions Group simply login to RDA and click Join on the group home page to be subscribed to the mailing list and receive all updates