RDA P3 BoF Global Registry of Trusted Data Repositories and Services

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20 February 2014 1924 reads
Global Service of Trusted Data Repositories and Services BoF
Friday 28th March 1100-1230
Co-chairs: Wim Hugo, Johannes Reetz, and Simon Hodson
The scope of this activity is to establish a "Global Service of Trusted Data Repositories and Services" that indicates in a standardized way the capabilities and features of data and service providers such as certification, standards, policies, and resources. The registry should include both human and machine readable information that allows building automated services using defined interface specifications.


  1. Proposed WG Global Service of Trusted Data Rep. and Services (Michael Diepenbroek) (10 min)

  2. Operational model (Johannes Reetz) (5 min)

  3. Quality schema (Paul Vierkant) (5 min)

  4. Lessons Learned from Computational Science and Grids (Morris Riedel) (5 Min)

  5. DataOne perspective (Rebecca Koskela) (5 min)

  6. GEOSS perspective (NN - ask Peter W) (5 min)

  7. Funding on the US and EU side (Ingrid Dillo, Larry Lannom) (5 min)

  8. Proposed WG for connecting data policies, standards and databases in the life sciences (Rebecca Lawrence, Susanna Sansone and Simon Hodson) (5 min)

  9. Discussion (45 min)