RDA Outputs - Survey and P11 BoF “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs”

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03 Mar 2018

RDA Outputs - Survey and P11 BoF “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs”

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) launched in 2013, and the Outputs of the RDA community are driving changes all over the data landscape. However, there is much more that can be done to support greater impact from RDA Outputs (by which we mean both Recommendations, produced by RDA Working Groups, and Supporting Outputs, produced by RDA Working or Interest Groups). Recently, a group of RDA members from different stakeholder groups including Secretariat, group chairs, TAB, OA, and RDA/US came together to discuss how we can work with the RDA community to advance the uptake of RDA Outputs.
As a first step, we would like to focus on the discovery and dissemination of RDA Outputs, and ask you, as a (potential) developer of RDA Outputs, and/or (potential) adopter of RDA Outputs, to answer any of the below questions on which you would like to provide your perspective to us.
Please provide your responses by the 13th of March 2018, by email to stefanie.kethers[at]ands.org.au, so they can feed into the BoF “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs” that is scheduled for breakout session #3, Wednesday, 21 March, 16:00 - 17:30, at the RDA Plenary 11 in Berlin. 

Thank you very much! And if you are interested in being involved in further discussions, please contact Stefanie Kethers (Stefanie.Kethers[at]ands.org.au), Anthony Juehne (juehna[at]rpi.edu), or come to our BoF.
Best wishes,

A.  Questions for (potential) adopters of RDA Outputs:

     1. How do you currently find out about and then look for RDA Outputs?
        a. Please briefly describe any challenges or limitations you face when attempting to locate RDA Outputs.
        b. How could we improve the publication and presentation of the RDA Outputs to enhance discoverability?
     2. What information would you need to: 
        a. Find RDA Outputs?
        b. Understand what an output is about?
        c. Assess whether an output would be useful to your organisation?
        d. Assess whether the output would be adoptable by your organisation?
        e. Determine what your organisation would need to do, and how much effort your organisation would need to spend, to adopt the output?
     3. What would a user-friendly description of an output look like for you?
     4. Please tell us any other thoughts or suggestions that you have on RDA Outputs.

B. Questions for (potential) developers of RDA Outputs:

     1. What are the most important things your adopters would need to know so they can understand your output?
        a. Do you have any recommendations or some specific feedback from adopters on this?
     2. What support (e.g., guidance, services, documentation) would you like from RDA to help you disseminate / promote your output?
     3. Please tell us any other thoughts or suggestions that you have on RDA Outputs.