RDA Output Adoption Webinar Series: Data Management Plans

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RDA Output Adoption Webinar Series: Data Management Plans
19 Jul 2019

RDA Output Adoption Webinar Series: Data Management Plans

Highlighting solutions proposed by the RDA Active DMPs, Exposing DMPs and DMP Common Standards working groups.


The RDA Secretariat aims to promote the uptake of RDA Recommendations and Outputs across all regions. In this context, the RDA Secretariat is working on is a series of webinars that aim to train stakeholders for adoption. The webinars will highlight outputs of RDA Interest and Working Groups, and demonstrate the added value of RDA. 


RDA Groups and Outputs to Support Data Management Plans

This webinar focuses on RDA groups and outputs related to Data Management Plans. We aim to highlight ongoing work in RDA from the perspectives of RDA Interest and Working Group chairs, facilitating discussion between the chairs and potential adopters of RDA Recommendations and Outputs. 


Daniel Bangert, member of the RDA Secretariat, will introduce the session and give an overview of outreach activities to promote the uptake of RDA Recommendations and Outputs globally.

Kathryn Unsworth (CSIRO) will introduce the RDA Exposing Data Management Plans Working Group, including an update on current and ongoing work.

Tomasz Miksa (SBA Research) and Peter Neish (University of Melbourne) will introduce the RDA DMP Common Standards Working Group, focusing on the standard for machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMP) released in April 2019. Explanation of the maDMP standard will include:

  • what it is and why we need it

  • what are the key concepts in the model and how to interpret it

  • examples and settings in which it can be used

For details of the maDMP standard, please see:

Sam Rust (Digital Curation Centre) will outline plans to implement the maDMP standard in DMPonline.

Q&A: Following the presentations, webinar participants will be invited to discuss and give feedback on the application of the work presented to their own contexts. 


Relevant RDA groups


Who Should Attend?

The webinars aim to raise awareness on RDA, its added value and outputs, and promote adoption. The series is aimed at Domain Scientists, Data Experts, Research Infrastructures and Service Providers. This edition is specifically of interest to those involved in Data Management and tools for Data Management Planning.

Join the webinar, register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4786665997651822348