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08 Nov 2017

Survey request on data publishing and use - RDA perspectives requested

Dear RDA friends,
As a retired Secretary General of RDA, I have one last formal duty. I am representing RDA on the steering committee of a cool project funded by the Arnold Foundation to harmonize policies and practices across Earth and space science publishers, repositories, and researchers, so that publication of research results includes all relevant artifacts including data, software, samples, and literature.

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29 Aug 2017

September Newsletter - Special Plenary Issue

RDA Outputs at P10

For P10, 6 Working Groups are scheduled to present the final recommendations or status updates of their projects. These presentations will provide highlights of the projects, detail the impact of their work and identify adopters who will be incorporating these outputs into their organizations. The groups presenting include:

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13 Jul 2017

Update from RDA Council

In an off-Plenary RDA Council meeting held in early July, Dr. Ross Wilkinson was named co-chair of Council, serving alongside Dr. Francine Berman.  Dr.

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