RDA Newcomers Session - 8th RDA Plenary

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29 August 2016 2507 reads

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RDA for Newcomers

Thursday, 15 September, 7:15am - 8:45am, Room 5 Tower 2nd Level - Windows

Chairs: Candice Lanius and Stefanie Kethers

If you have been at the session and would like to suggest changes to future "RDA for Newcomers" sessions, please email stefanie.kethers[at]ands[dot]org.au or leave a comment on this page.




Welcome and History of RDA


Mark Parsons, RDA Secretary General




Overview of Working Groups, Interest Groups, and BoFs


Rainer Stotzka, RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB)




Introducing RDA Outputs


Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretariat




A brief introduction to the RDA Web site


Candice Lanius, Co-Chair, Ethics and Social Aspects of Data IG 




How to get involved in RDA


Stefanie Kethers, RDA Secretariat








There is also a "primer" containing some introductory information on the Research Data Alliance, with pointers to further information on the RDA Web site.

And if you have further questions or would like to have a chat after the session, please come to the "Newcomers" table at lunch on Thursday at Katie Mullen's, downstairs!