RDA March 2018 News: Note from the Secretary General, 11th Plenary meeting, New Supporting Outputs & Groups

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03 Mar 2018

RDA March 2018 News: Note from the Secretary General, 11th Plenary meeting, New Supporting Outputs & Groups

Table of Contents:

Note from the RDA Secretary General

I am truly honoured and delighted to have been selected as the next Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance, an amazing initiative that has always been close to my heart and within which I have been involved since its launch in 2013. I am very grateful to my predecessors - Mark Parsons and Ingrid Dillo - for their passion, leadership, and drive as Secretary General.

RDA is a unique and innovative platform with you, the members, discussing and working hard to identify solutions to the urgent research data interoperability challenges that all of society face today. 

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RDA Outputs - Survey And P11 BoF “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs”

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) launched in 2013, and the Outputs of the RDA community are driving changes all over the data landscape. However, there is much more that can be done to support greater impact from RDA Outputs (by which we mean both Recommendations, produced by RDA Working Groups, and Supporting Outputs, produced by RDA Working or Interest Groups). Recently, a group of RDA members from different stakeholder groups including Secretariat, group chairs, TAB, OA, and RDA/US came together to discuss how we can work with the RDA community to advance the uptake of RDA Outputs.

As a first step, we would like to focus on the discovery and dissemination of RDA Outputs, and ask you, as a (potential) developer of RDA Outputs, and/or (potential) adopter of RDA Outputs, to answer any of the below questions on which you would like to provide your perspective to us.

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RDA’s 11th Plenary in Berlin

Request for Community Feedback - Draft RDA Code of Conduct

RDA values the diversity of our global data community. Our RDA Guiding Principles - in particular openness, consensus, and harmonisation - point to our approach of reaching across barriers to fulfill our mission and build the social and technical bridges to enable data sharing. To support our community through ongoing growth, a small group of RDA members developed a Code of Conduct with the goals of making our shared community norms explicit, and codifying our commitment to the safety and comfort of all of our members. 

All RDA community members are welcome and encouraged to review the draft Code of Conduct prior to expected implementation at Plenary 11: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/code-conduct-draft-review 

Community Comments Welcome 

RDA Supporting Output: Addressing the Gaps: Recommendations for Supporting the Long Tail of Research Data - Long Tail of Research Data IG  

Newly endorsed groups   

RDA Member profile

Meet Raphael Ritz, Head of Data Division at the Max-Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF) - the central IT service unit of the Max Planck Society (MPG) in Germany. Raphael is a long-time member of RDA and participates in numerous Working and Interest groups. He is co-chair of the Data Foundation and Terminology IG that grew out of one of RDA's very first working groups of the same name. He also represents MPCDF in the RDA Organizational Assembly and is an elected member of the RDA Organizational Advisory Board.

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