RDA Germany Foundation Meeting - RDA 11th Plenary Collocated Event

19 Mar 2018

RDA Germany Foundation Meeting - RDA 11th Plenary Collocated Event


Event date: 19 March 2018

Event time: 17.00

Event Goal and structure

RDA Germany has recently become an official German legal entity and the statutes clearly specify that we are devoted to following the RDA guidelines and principles. This legal entity was built based on a broad agreement of the German RDA community which includes about 200 experts who participate in RDA plenaries, RDA groups, RDA Germany meetings, meetings organised by RDA Europe and/or in RDA Germany interactions. The legal entity was started with a preliminary board and membership as it is usual for new initiatives in Germany.

RDA Germany now needs to organise its first meeting inviting all German RDA activists to discuss the plans, to volunteer for board positions and to elect a first "real" board. Having such a board will be crucial for the further success of RDA in Germany. Due to the plenary P11 this time being in Berlin it was impossible to organise such a meeting at our normal annual conferences. 

At the meeting we will 1) present and discuss the plans for RDA Germany, 2) discuss the relationships to RDA Europe and RDA Global, 3) discuss and decide about MoUs, 4) present candidates for boards and do the election process.

Target Audience

The meeting will necessarily be in German, since issues of the statute etc. can only be discussed in the native language.
To the meeting we will invite all active RDA people and suggest to become member of RDA Germany. According to German law only members can participate in the election of the board members.



Peter Wittenburg - Max Planck Gesellschaft