RDA / EOSC Future Call for Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines – Round 2

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RDA / EOSC Future Call for Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines – Round 2
12 Jan 2023

RDA / EOSC Future Call for Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines – Round 2

EOSC Future and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) are accepting applications from research groups, including RDA groups, to demonstrate how RDA-developed data-sharing concepts and solutions can be reused, optimised, and implemented in the EOSC context, particularly the EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace. Find out more on the EOSC Future Grants Platform.

EOSC is building a federated infrastructure to support Europe's data output and enable the discovery and re-use of FAIR research data. Existing RDA specifications and standards can play a key role in this context, underpinning new and existing pathways to sharing research data among different communities.

Call for Proposals: Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines in the context of EOSC

Project proposals should:

  • demonstrate the use of RDA concepts and solutions in the EOSC context
  • have outputs that show an understanding of the needs for data and service integration in EOSC
  • support the adoption of RDA outputs and recommendations that can benefit the community around EOSC
  • promote new examples and lessons learnt.

These projects should be short and focused, lasting for no longer than a 3-month period. A wide range of activities, including promotional, analysis, and technical documentation activities, can be funded through this call.

Note: Successful proposals will focus on maintaining, optimising, and documenting existing approaches, with explicit reference to RDA outputs and recommendations. Special attention should be given to mapping out how to adapt the approaches in the context of EOSC and make relevant documentation available. Proposals are also expected to articulate a future vision, for example, of how future communities can easily operationalise these frameworks.

What does the grant include?

Up to 2 grants, each of a maximum of €12 500, will be awarded under this call.

Funding is primarily intended to cover additional personnel costs, but could also include event organisation costs (and promotion materials) where the scope, objectives, and dependencies/requirements of the event are clearly defined in the project proposal.

Who can apply?

This call is specifically targeting small projects to show the implementation and take-up of existing outputs and specifications, specifically those that the RDA community has enabled.

This call invites applications from individuals or organisations working at the forefront of data or research infrastructure activities in a specific research domain or cluster of domains, with a preference for active RDA community members, to demonstrate how to improve and optimise existing technical data frameworks using RDA recommendations and outputs.


Applications are open until 20 February 2023, 16.00 CET.

Further criteria and conditions are detailed on the EOSC Future Grants Platform