RDA Early Career Programmes

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02 July 2014 5258 reads
RDA runs different regional programmes to support "Early Career" Scientists & Researchers working with data. Based on the origin of the funding, the programmes support different types of activities:


RDA Europe is offering support to Early Career European Researchers & Scientists working with Data to attend the plenary meeting. The aim of this programme is to introduce European early career researchers & scientists to RDA, highlight what data scientists / practitioners are doing, leverage on Early Career Researchers & Scientists knowledge to support Plenary  activities and support the Working & Interest group activities.



RDA Data Share is an early career engagement program of RDA/US formed in 2015 through grant funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  The program selects and awards fellows to engage with, study and contribute to the RDA.  Its objective is to encourage adoption of best practices of data sharing established through RDA and enhance early career engagement with the alliance.  Learn more at https://rd-alliance.org/rda_us%20data%20share%20program