RDA is calling on domain specific data experts to join its Ambassador programme

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01 Oct 2018

RDA is calling on domain specific data experts to join its Ambassador programme

1st October 2018

Are you working on the vanguard of data activities in a specific research domain or cluster of domains? Would you like to engage the European Research Data ecosystem promoting the uptake of RDA outputs? If you are, RDA Europe strongly encourages you to apply for our Ambassadors programme.  


If you feel you fit the bill as an RDA involved domain specific data expert, have a good understanding of the European Data Infrastructures landscape and can operate as an influencer to recruit collaborators across the data community, then apply to become an RDA EU ambassador. Provide RDA Europe with a plan for your ambassadorial work highlighting how it impacts not only your community practices but will also make a significant contribution in the context of RDA.


Call for ambassadors

The RDA EU Ambassadors programme offers up to six grants of a maximum of €7,000,  targeting distinguished and well-connected domain experts who can develop a two-way communication and engagement vector: promoting RDA outputs and perspectives while streamlining insights and practical contribution from domain focused data communities into the work of RDA. This is the first of two calls in the ambassadors programme, the second call will open early 2019.


Submit a thought-provoking application in good time.

RDA Europe aims to have a first group of up to 6 highly qualified ambassadors.

The call closes on 5 December 2018 17:00 CEST.  To find out more and apply visit: https://grants.rd-alliance.org/OpenCalls/call-ambassadors  

RDA Europe contact: grants@europe.rd-alliance.org