RDA 8th Plenary Joint meeting: IG Data Foundations and Terminology and IG Vocabulary Services

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27 May 2016 1857 reads

Meeting title Joint meeting of Vocabulary Service (VSIG) and Data Foundations and Terminology (DFTIG) IGs

Group chair serving as contact person: Gary Berg-Cross

Groups: IG Data Foundations and Terminology, IG Vocabulary Services

Please give a brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s)

A productive joint session between VSIG and the DFT IG at P7 discussing use cases has been followed by continuing discussion, collaboration and cooperation between the DFT and VS groups. The DFT IG intends to capture a Data Foundations controlled vocabulary for the RDA and VSIG intends to provide guidance in how the controlled vocabulary should be structured and published. Discussions between the two IGs has already led to improvements to the process whereby DFT captures content, for example, the DFT term tool has been enhancing its services by adding a SKOS thesaurus function to its term tool to identify such things as synonyms and related terms.. Continued collaboration will ensure the DFT vocabulary is structured and published to high standards.

Please provide additional links to informative material related to the participating groups i.e. group pages, case statements, working documents etc

Additional links to informative material related to the participating groups 

* https://rd-alliance.org/introduction-dft-p6.html
* https://rd-alliance.org/data-foundation-interest-group-meeting-notes-gar.

Please list the meeting objectives

This meeting will serve to update areas of mutual interest of vocabularies and services supporting RDA needs, as well:
to as explore the best means of cooperation on these. 

This includes possible targets such as management approaches, testbeds, standards, and extension to thesaurus models, vocabulary mappings, hackathons and NDS collaboration. 

We hope to get community input & engagement from other groups such as the various metadata groups in need of vocabulary services leveraging DFT vocabularies.

Meeting agenda

Introduction the Session and Tour de Table 
Status of VGIS, standards and work plans 
Status of DFT vocabulary, thesaurus services and Use Case 
Management approaches, 
Fellowship work, hackathons testbeds and NDS
Extension of thesaurus models and vocabulary mapping services 
General group discussion and input from interested groups.

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

IG Metadata
Data in Context IG
Data Fabric IG
Chemistry Research Data IG
Brokering IG
IG Biodiversity Data Integration
IG Marine Data Harmonization
Big Data IG
National Data Services

See attached slides for a small orientation.

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