RDA 8th Plenary Joint meeting: IG Data Fabric, WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows

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26 May 2016 2199 reads

Meeting title Joint Session on Data Workflows between Publishing Workflows WG and DFIG


IG Data Fabric

WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows


Please give a brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s)

In Tokyo a first discussion started between experts from Publication Workflow WG (PWWG) and DFIG to identify overlaps and possibilities of synergies. In the meantime further discussions took place and a first analysis of documents shows that there is common interest, much overlap in the goals and also in the directions one would have to take. Every group discusses specific aspects coming from different backgrounds and this will continue, but frequent cross-fertilisation is recommended. Also the TAB Landscape Overview work addressed the overlap between these groups and its insights will be discussed as well. 

Please provide additional links to informative material related to the participating groups i.e. group pages, case statements, working documents etc

• documents under DFIG: https://rd-alliance.org/group/data-fabric-ig.html 
• documents under PWWG: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/rdawds-publishing-data-workflows-wg.html 
• no analysis/comparison documents have been published yet, a first document is in preparation and will be made available before summer break
• further references may be indicated 

Please list the meeting objectives

• present and discuss the intentions and ideas of PWWG 
• present and discuss the intentions and ideas of infrastructure WGs covered under DFIG 
• identify overlap, map terminology and synchronise objectives 
• discuss further interactions

Meeting agenda
• First PWWG and DFIG chairs will present ideas, concepts and results
• much time will be left for discussion

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting
This session is primarily meant for all members of PWWG and infrastructure WGs covered under the DFIG umbrella to go into detail, i.e. it is expected that all participants are familiar with the relevant documents. There will be no introductions for newcomers or so.
A report will be written and published via the DFIG and PWWG sites.