RDA 17th Plenary Meeting - Speakers

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23 November 2020 2535 reads

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Richard Gold

Full Professor Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy James McGill Professor Associate member, Dept of Human Genetics

A James McGill Professor, Richard Gold was the founding Director and current director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy. He teaches in the area of intellectual property, international intellectual property, comparative intellectual property, innovation policy and intellectual property management. His research generally focuses on the life sciences.

Professor Gold has provided advice to Health Canada, Industry Canada, the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (where he was the lead author of the OECD Guidelines on the Licensing of Genetic Inventions and a report on Collaborative Mechanisms in Life Science Intellectual Property), the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization and UNITAID.

His research is currently supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Genome Canada, Genome Alberta, Genome Prairie, Genome Quebec, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Grand Challenges Canada. His previous work has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Genome Canada, the National Centres for Excellence and the National Institutes of Health. He is a Research Associate at the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta and was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute. His research has been published in high-impact journals in science, law, philosophy, international relations, including Nature BiotechnologyThe LancetPLoS Medicine, la Revue de droit de McGillPublic Affairs QuarterlyInternational Studies Quarterly, the European Journal for International Relations. He has filed amicus briefs with the Supreme Court of the United States and with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Professor Gold was Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) at the Faculty of Law from 2015 to 2019.



Dr Jeni Tennison, Vice President and Chief Strategy Adviser, the Open Data Institute

Jeni Tennison is Vice President and Chief Strategy Adviser at the Open Data Institute. She gained a PhD in AI from the University of Nottingham, then worked as an independent consultant, specialising in open data publishing and consumption, before joining the ODI as Technical Director in 2012, becoming CEO in 2016, and Vice President in 2020.

She served on the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group from 2011 to 2015 and co-chaired the W3C’s CSV on the Web Working Group. She also sits on the Advisory Board for the Open Contracting Partnership; the Board of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data; the UK’s Health Tech Advisory Board; and advises the Board of OpenUK.





Dr Susan K. Gregurick, Associate Director for Data Science and the Director of the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy

Susan K. Gregurick, Ph.D., was appointed Associate Director for Data Science and Director of the Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on September 16, 2019. Under Dr. Gregurick’s leadership, the ODSS leads the implementation of the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science through scientific, technical, and operational collaboration with the institutes, centers, and offices that comprise NIH. Dr. Gregurick received the 2020 Leadership in Biological Sciences Award from the Washington Academy of Sciences for her work in this role. She was instrumental in the creation of the ODSS in 2018 and served as a senior advisor to the office until being named to her current position.









Meet the Panellists 


Amy Pienta, Ph.D. is a research scientist at ICPSR at the University of Michigan. She directs the Business and Collection Development Unit at ICPSR. The projects she directs at ICPSR include the National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Health and Medical Care Archive, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the MCC Evidence Platform (in development), funded by the Millenium Challenge Corporation, and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Date Repository, funded by the Patient-Center Outcomes Research Institute.  











Dr James Hetherington, Director of Data Science in Practice at the Alan Turing Institute, is an experienced senior leader in the application of mathematically and computationally intensive methodologies for innovation and insight, working with stakeholders at the highest levels across government, academia and industry. 

He is currently engaged as Chief Data Science Advisor to the Joint Biosecurity Centre in the Department of Health and Social Care, leading on the development of a robust ensemble of mathematical and statistical models constituting our understanding of the progress of the pandemic in the UK, in partnership with the Turing’s Health programme.

He is also currently a leading contributor to the UK’s National Digital Twin programme, focused on helping to define the protocols and standards that will enable an interoperable open, secure marketplace for digital twins in the built environment and beyond