RDA 11th Plenary meeting Open Calls, Events, Group Updates and much more - RDA December 2017 Newsletter

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04 Dec 2017

RDA 11th Plenary meeting Open Calls, Events, Group Updates and much more - RDA December 2017 Newsletter

RDA welcomes submissions for session proposals for its 11th Plenary meeting to be held in Berlin, Germany, from the 21 to the 23 March 2018. 

The Working and Interest group breakout sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for discussion, sharing experiences and best practices, laying down concrete action plans. All Working and Interest groups are free to choose the format and workplan for their sessions while we strongly encourage the organisation of working meetings. Groups are also invited to submit joint meeting applications to explore potential synergies with other groups.

Call for Session applications closes 28 December 2017, 17:00 UTC. Submit your application now: 

RDA members are welcome to submit applications to organize events in conjunction with the 11th Plenary meeting. Please use the online form to submit an application for collocated or associated events. These will be evaluated based on their relevance to RDA objectives, availability of facilities and according to the timeliness of the applications. The online form should be submitted no later than 18th of December 2017, 17:00 UTC and applicants will receive notification no later than the 22nd of December 2017.

  Request for Comments on new RDA Outputs & Recommendations

 Income Streams for Data Repositories by the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Cost Recovery for Data Centres IG

 Recommendation on Research Data Collections by the Research Data Collections WG

  RDA newly endorsed Groups

 Data policy standardisation and implementation Interest Group  chaired by Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Natasha Simons, Simon Goudie, Azhar Hussain

 Empirical Humanities Metadata Working Group chaired by Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn, Dominic Difranzo, Jarita Holbrook, Lindsay Poirier, Mike Fortun, Aalok Khandekar


  Member Spotlight –  Dr. Jane Wyngaard

Dr. Jane Wyngaard, recently elected to the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB), is an Electronics Engineer at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing. With an interest in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) data management and the need for a more global community conversation and effort around it, she co-chairs the RDA’s sUAS Data Interest Group. As a member of TAB, Dr. Wyngaard will help advance RDA’s mission through her expertise in good open data practices in the sciences, building hardware and software and use of technology for scientific data handling.

  Webinars - Data Fabrics, 5 December 2017, 14:00 UTC

The RDA Data Fabric IG is looking at the data creation and consumption cycle to identify opportunities to optimize the work with data, to place current RDA activities in the overall landscape, to look what other communities are doing in this area and to foster testing and adoption of RDA outputs. Register now

View our previous webinar recordings

   Colour-Coding for Groups on the RDA Website

When looking at an Interest or Working Group’s homepage on the RDA Website, you may have noticed small colourful icons with some explanatory text in the top half of the page. Find out more about what they stand for and how to make the most of them when deciding how to interact with the RDA groups and Plenary Agendas.


   Updates from RDA groups: Health Data IG Meeting In Montreal Calling For Collaborative Support In Further Activities

The Health Data IG is focusing on the concrete group outcomes and two task groups are being established: 1) Developing an assessment tool for operationalising key concepts of research transparency in the biomedical domain; 2) Drafting a Report on the impact of the GDPR on Health Data and related issues, highlighting different data protection standards worldwide. The first results of the works will be presented at the next Plenary meeting in Berlin. If you wish to contribute and participate, subscribe to the HDIG https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/health-data.html


   Events & Meetings

►8th WG/IG Collaboration Meeting at NIST - 10-12 January 2018, Gaithersburg, US

►EUDAT Conference: Putting The EOSC Vision Into Practice - 22-25 January 2018, Porto, Portugal

►RDA EU Data Innovation Forum - 30 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium