6th Plenary Experimentation Day

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10 June 2015 8229 reads

The experimentation day, to be held during Research Data Alliance Plenary 6 on 24 September 2015, is dedicated to foster connection/interaction between RDA members and startups, SMEs and large companies to promote enterprise engagement in RDA. With around 70% of RDA members coming from academic organizations, attracting more enterprise involvement in the data ecosystem is key for future development of the Alliance. 
The idea of the Experimentation Day is to support startups and SMEs and give them the opportunity to showcase their solutions, products or services based on data in a dedicated area during the meeting. Solutions or products with a focus on climate change, given the theme of the plenary event, will be favorably viewed. Ultimately the goal is to foster exchange between RDA members and data related company representative, sharing views, challenges and dreams about data sharing. Encouraging members from enterprise will support the growth of the alliance and should bring in new perspectives.
To promote open sharing of data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society it is common sense that each part of the society making intensive use of data, needs to get involved. In this regard private companies, being Startups, SMEs or large companies, need to participate in the process of defining solutions. This involvement is essential to facilitate both adoption and dissemination of all the highly valuable outputs produced by RDA Working Groups since private entities will have a major role to play in these adoption and dissemination process. Furthermore, to not actively work to bring companies into RDA, having them involved in the process of defining standards will most probably results in enterprises to develop and spread out their own solutions resulting in a counterproductive competitions with RDA Working Groups outputs. 
The RDA 6th Plenary will host  a dedicated area in the conference venue on 24th Sept, for  enterprises and other initiatives to demonstrate how they make use of data to produce great solutions, services or products, having a positive impact on climate change issue and not only. RDA plenary participants will be offered the opportunity to discuss and create new links with enterprise stakeholders engaged with the data community.

Experimentation Day Presenters


Experimentation / Solution name: IO Data Science

IO Data Science (IO for Input/Output) is developed in collaboration with the Center for Data Science (CDS) of Univerity Paris Saclay. It offers a homogenised access to metadata descriptions of datasets via a single point of access. The scientists can declare their datasets as open data or for restricted usage within the university. The machines of scientists can use the endpoint SPARQL to read the metadata of available datasets.

Chemical Semantics


The principal objective of Chemical Semantics is to create a testbed for comprehensive exploration of ideas behind the practical application of the Semantic Web in computational chemistry. This objective is realized by creation of Semantic Web/Linked Data portal. In addition, the company created the CSX file format (Common Standard of eXchange) which enables traditional software packages to publish data on the Semantic Web, and the GC ontology (Gainesville Core) that captures knowledge related to computational chemistry data. The ultimate goal is to build a data publishing platform that is applicable to all of various branches of chemistry.


Experimentation / Solution name: European Cloudscout
Cloudscout is a user friendly online tool that provides European SMEs with tailored information and recommendations on their use of Cloud. Understanding what Cloud Computing means for businesses is the first step towards realising its benefits, such as creating and delivering value to customers.Cloudscout focuses on security issues primarily for small and medium sized enterprises. In just 10 to 15 minutes this tool provides information about what needs to be considered in order to use cloud computing in a secure manner and about how you can even improve information security.The EU-wide version of Cloud Scout is the result of a collaboration between DsiN, Digital Europe, national trade associations around Europe and CloudWATCH and is hosted on the Cloudwatch hub at http://cloudscout.cloudwatchhub.eu/


Experimentation / Solution name: Deepki Ready
Because it allows to find the most cost effective energy savings in the right place, Software as a Service "Deepki Ready" brought a technological breakthrough in the energy sector. Using existing data on real estate, the virtual energy audits software allows Asset Managers to optimize expenses related to energy efficiency ; to build an actionable energy efficiency strategy ; and to benchmark the performance between the buildings.Based on statistical algorithms (Data-Analytics), an expert system (Predictive Engine) and unstructured data model (Big Data), this software addresses energy, technical and activity data. As an output, it provides relevant segmentation of the buildings and Energy Efficiency Merit Orders.


Experimentation / Solution name: Smartwater
Our digital water-heater Smartwater, recycles the energy emitted from computers and IT processors to generate hot water for the entire building (companies, social housing, public buildings etc...) As we use such little energy, our cloud services are inexpensive: embed super computers in water-heater for thermal energy reuse. Our long terme vison is to build a lot less datacebters ( highly resonsable for global warming) and simply reduce energy cost throught an economical solution, increase "massively distributed cloud" worldwide as well as become a major international green cloud computing/services provider. 


Experimentation / Solution name: Space for Climate
The goal of the stand is to bridge space and society, for citizens and companies to benefit from European investments in satellite infrastructures, such as Galileo – the future European satellite navigation system, and Copernicus – an Earth observation infrastructure for environment and risk management.“Space for climate” will present how satellite navigation and communications, as well as Earth observation data have helped SMEs, startups and public authorities to create innovative products and services with a positive environmental impact. These services are fully part of daily life and contribute to a more responsible society.


Experimentation / Solution name: EOCHA - Earth Observation for Climate-related Health risk in Africa
The correlation between climate conditions and the effects on the animals and human being health is well known as demonstrated in several studies, while the quantification of this correlation is still under investigation especially in remote areas where the meteorological and climate information are quite hard to be collected. The Earth Observation data, associated with epidemiological data about diseases, outbreak and other kind of social-health data, are relevant to analyse the real impact and the cause-effect dynamics that link meteo-climate parameters to human and animal health. The scope of this project is to provide an effective web based platform to facilitate the access to meteorological and climate parameters from heterogeneous data sources (satellite, in-situ, model) fully dedicated to climate-health analysis.

One Heart Communication

Experimentation / Solution name: One Heart Spots
One Heart Spot is a multimedia digital (mobile application, widget and website) and collaborative program geolocating responsible spots around the users to allow citizens to consume and act responsible according to their needs and interests. Until then, no map and directory of responsible actors and their beneficiaries existed. One Heart therefore decided to create One Heart Spots to collect and broadcast the data to offer perspectives on financing for the beneficiaries. One Heart Spots is associated with the Consumer Information Programme (10YFP CIP) launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). One Heart Spots has also built a partnership with the COP21 - United Nations Conference on Climate (held in Paris this year from November 30th to December 11th 2015) to bring media coverage on the event especially on the web and organize various operations around the event with Paris City Hall, the regional council of Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) and Solutions COP21.

Plume Labs

Experimentation / Solution name: Plume
Showcase of the Plume Air Sensor wearable device prototype to the public.Plume develops a wearable device to help consumers track their exposure to indoor and outdoor air quality. The  Plume wearable device supports tracking what the user breathes to raise their awareness of their environment and its impact on their health. Plume provides advice and recommendations through the mobile app linked to our sensor on how to mitigate the health impact of air quality and  access to AQ forecast and crowdsourced measurements from the community.


Experimentation / Solution name: Qivivo Thermostat
Qivivo Smart Thermostat regulates the heating autonomously, without any programming, providing unparalleled comfort and reduced bills. All households that have individual heating systes or collective heating systems with the abilty to control it centrally.The system dramatically improve the household comfort and provide up to 40% savings on the heating bill. Futhermore, Qivivo Smart Thermostat also offers a detailed thermal diagnostic of your house and energetic renovation advises.


Experimentation / Solution name: Matryoshka
Matryoshka, winner of ""Visa Buenos Aires"" (Ateliers de Paris), and invited to “Futur en Seine” in June and Cop 21 in September, is a project of adaptable street furniture able to distribute solar/wind/ hydraulic energy. Matryoshka is a connected urban furniture, an archetype of third space development thanks to event Installations in the public space it allows. Matryoshka intends to be a meeting space as much as a nomad working space. This installation follows the lead of co-making and develops the evolution of the king of meetings called: workshops, barcamps, meet-up etc.


Experimentation / Solution name: Jolicharts
Jolicharts combines powerful data analysis and beautiful presentation capabilities in a unique self-service online data visualization application.With Jolicharts, users can: Connect their data, Build appealing presentations, Share their work with their colleagues or friends, Publish their data visualizations and analyses online. Once connected, data can be analyzed in real-time the way you wish : a wide variety of design templates (charts, maps, lists, etc.) are readily available.Jolicharts links the power of Business Intelligence to the simplicity of a cloud presentation tool. Users can stop switching between spreadsheets and presentation tools and save loads of time!


Experimentation / Solution name: Akwatyx
Hundreds of millions of people practice aquatic activities in beaches, lakes, rivers and sea. They are not connected with internet. Akwayx offer them a system, including a submersible, mobile, geopositionned and computerized device connected,  in real-time with internet, even underwater. Thus, by instrumenting this device with sensors and linking their users with marine scientists, we create a global network that will be able to collect and transfer relevant marine data that will : clearly add value to RDA, offer benefits and opportunities to multiple end users including academic organizations and entreprises, contribute to tackling societal challenges – cliamate changes,ocean pollution, threatened marine biodiversity, ocean literacy and knowledge, new employment opportunities, durable exploitation of ocean. Snorkelers, divers, swimmers, coastal and sea tourism are global activities and RDA will have a global source of ocean data collection, selection, adoption and dissemination among data community.


Experimentation / Solution name: oombrella
In addition to our existing realtime weather platform (wezzoo), we will launch this fall the first smart and connected umbrella : The oombrella. 3 solutions are available:  receiving alerts few minutes before it rains; sending data collected from the umbrella to track reatime weather rain or snow (or sun !); receiving alerts if you misplaced your umbella to fight against disposable umbrellas, a source of pollution. The solution should help you prevent last minute wet hair and clothes by knowing close to real time the weather ahead.