Privacy issues in research data: Setting aims and objectives

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28 Oct 2022
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Meeting objectives: 

After revitalising the IG at P18 the group memebers expressed significant interest in the continuation of the work of the IG. We initiated a closer collaboration with the Sensitive Data IG, starting with a coommon survey on privacy/sensitive data issues. The meeting at P19 was meant to align the new scope, define the key aspects of the group, and, not least, seek volunteers as chairpersons. Alas, the feedback to the incipient activities was rather limited. We understand that the waning interest is, at least in part, owing to the difficult conditions during the pandemic that made the relaunching of this IG difficult. Hence we expect that meeting at P20, taking place under less restrictive constraints, will give a strong impetus to the group.

In response to the contributions and feedback at P18 and P19, the aim of this follow-up meeting is to narrow down the focus and develop concrete work tasks.

Everyone is called to contribute their experiences with privacy issues in their domain. Some group members have already expressed their interest in contributing, so we are confident that we will have a lively discussion

Depending on the interest and focus of the participants, a decision should be made to prioritize the technical, legal and/or other challenges we face in the responsible sharing and reuse of research data.


Meeting agenda: 
  • Brief round of introductions
  • Report on current status
  • Short contributions on privacy issues (with discussion)
  • Discussion on scope and focus
  • Call for volunteers
  • Any other business
  • Schedule future meetings
  • Wrap up
Target Audience: 

Everyone is welcome. If you have experience with privacy issues, have developed, evaluated or are working with tools to protect privacy, are working with personal data but unsure how to protect privacy, are interested in privacy issues, or are just curious, no matter what, just join the meeting.

Our aim is to produce insights and guidelines from and for the community on responsible use of research data with due consideration of privacy implications.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The “RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG” has experienced a phase of inactivity since P12, owing to the resignation of two chairs and absence of one chair due to health issues. With the withdrawal of the NISO representatives, the IG was revamped under the title “RDA Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG” at P18.
In line with the privacy IG objectives we discussed at P18, this session aims at finalizing the scope of the IG moving forward, be it the legal, the social, or the technical aspects and finalize them into a work plan with clear outcomes be it a report, best practices, or implementation guidelines.


Short Group Status: 

The meeting at P18 and P19 were fairly well attended the attendees clearly indicated a great interest in resuming with the work, but now we need to get things going. From the legacy projects of the IG, the majority of the attendees advocated the continuation of “best practices implementations for preserving privacy in research data”. Resuming the compilation of a glossary and a FAQ on privacy issues were also regarded as relevant projects. The attendees supported the suggested collaboration with the sensitive data IG to avoid duplicate or conflicting work.


Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Joerg Geiger