Privacy Ensured Research: Data Sharing and Reuse

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25 Feb 2022
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We meet again !

Lots has happened since the last time and we want to share with all interested RDA members the outcome of the survey we did together with the Sensitive Data Group. After that we invite you to decide with us on the focus of the group and how you are going to contribute the next coming months to help us produce insights on urgent Privacy issues that we can publish and share with the wider RDA community

In response to the contributions and feedback from our last session at Plenary 18, the aim of this follow-up meeting is to narrow down the topic and develop a concrete working plan.

Depending on the level and interest from the participants (old and new) the plan is to either focus our work simultaneously on these topics or to prioritise on the technical, legal and/or other challenges we are facing to ensure responsible sharing and re-use,.

We will deceide this during the meeting and devise a workplan including regular meetings,milestones and outcome.







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Collaborative session notes:


We meet again !

Open room

10 Minutes a round of brief introductions to know who's present
10 Minutes update from the previous meeting(s) and presentation of survey results
20 Minutes discussion on narrowing down focus
15 Devise workplan and assign roles and milestones
10 Schedule next meeting, Round of Questions/comments

Wrap up


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Everyone is welcome !

If you are interested in working with personal data, responsible for research data management, developing privacy enhancing tools and/or want to join an enthousiastic group of people who care about protecting your privacy while enabling beneficial research using personal data join us

Our aim is to produce insights and guidelines from and for the community on responsible use of data for research purposes that takes into consideration the privacy implications.

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The “RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG” has experienced a phase of inactivity since P12, owing to the resignation of two chairs and absence of one chair due to health issues. With the withdrawal of the NISO representatives, the IG was revamped under the title “RDA Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG” at P18.
In line with the privacy IG objectives we discussed at P18, this session aims at finalizing the scope of the IG moving forward, be it the legal, the social, or the technical aspects and finalize them into a work plan with clear outcomes be it a report, best practices, or implementation guidelines.





Short Group Status: 

The meeting at P18 was fairly well attended (9 participants) and a survey conducted during the meeting clearly indicated a significant interest in resuming with the work. From the legacy projects of the IG, the majority of the attendees advocated the continuation of “best practices implementations for preserving privacy in research data”. Resuming the compilation of a glossary and a FAQ on privacy issues were also regarded as relevant projects. The attendees supported the suggested collaboration with the sensitive data IG to avoid duplicate or conflicting work. As an initial activity the privacy IG collaborated with the sensitive data IG in designing and launching a survey on sensitive data and privacy issues which was disseminated to the members of both IGs.


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Working meeting
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Joerg Geiger and Freyja van den Boom